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Janmashtmi it is!

Janmashtmi it is!


Being a Sikh and married into a Hindu Family, I have had the opportunity to experience God in different forms. The forms may differ but the spirit remains the same.

Lord Krishna is one of the most loved Gods in our family and very close to all our hearts.

I even gifted my husband a painting of Lord krishna or “Krishan Ji”, which I painted myself, long time back.So, I have my own reasons to love Krishan Ji.
I would like to believe he created a spiritual bond between us.

So, here’s wishing everyone a Happy Janmashtmi.


Happy Rakshabandhan to everyone.

Happy Rakshabandhan to everyone.

India has some incredible festivals. Long list of festivals. We are pretty much feasting and celebrating every week.

So today and tomorrow ( why on earth would you want to complex a simple festival like Rakhi? ) we are celebrating Rakhi or Rakhri or Rakshabandhan.

Mostly it means that sisters tie a beautiful thread on their brothers’ wrist symbolizing that the brother will always protect his sister.

in the modern spin off of Rakhi, sisters get rewarded by gifts in cash or kind :).

My brother doesn’t believe in this festival. He has his own reasons. And I am ok with it.

I feel Rakshabandhan should not be confined to the realtionship of a brother and a sister.

Like our honourable Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh said, we as a society should vouch for the safety of our women and men in India and elsewhere.

So, Happy Rakshabandhan to one and all. I pray that you be safe and have a prosperous year.

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