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Candy Crush?

Oh My God! Seriously what is with everyone playing candy crush saga? I mean I get numerous invitations everyday. I also know these are automatically generated requests and no one actually wants me to play or maybe they do. But I don’t want to. Really, No.

The amzing thing with these games is that they are addictive, to the point we lose interest in everything around us. We forget that we are at work, at a party, with friends, talking to someone or watching tv. Yes we don’t care and are at times simply put, rude.

While it is great news for the developers, not so much for people around us who find it irritating when the person you are talking to would rather be crushing candy! And you are thinking of crushing his/her head.Now I am no saint, I have had my share of farmville,poker,angry birs and temple run. But I have realised the importance of being in control and not let technology rule my life. And yes the initial cravings to be constantly on Facebook have been put to rest to some extent and I am working on them. After all I am only human.A human who is addicted to social media. So if you are reading this, stop and go do something different for a change. How about calling a friend like you promised them you would and never did because you were busy crushing candy, knocking down birds or running an endless run.

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