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I can’t remember when I last read a magazine or bought one. Actually I do.It was yesterday and I was completely mesmerised by the content. Pesonally I love magazines, there is so much to explore.I love the layout, designs, pictures, graphics, content etc. I mean it is visually captivating just like blogs.

I have not travelled much, would like to, but I am shit scared of flying. Yet it does not stop me from making this list (in my head) of places or stuff I would like to see.

So I found a NOV/DEC 2012 issue of Intelligent life lying around my house. I think my husband purchased it at the Heathrow airport.I am not sure. Intelligent life is a magazine by The Economist and it is a pretty cool magazine.

I came across this wonderful article by Steve Double on a festival called BURNING MAN which is held in Nevada. So basically people create some fantastic art work in a week,which they burn afterwards once they leave.Interesting. Hence, Burning Man is on my list of adventures for sure because it is awesome 🙂

So go ahead check it out at

Intelligent Life (nov/dec 2012 issue)
The award winning magazine from The Economist.


“The Transformoney Tree” by Dadara from Amsterdam at Burning Man, Nevada
Photo Credit: Steve Double

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