Monthly Archives: September 2013


What are you looking at?”, the shiny grey eyes seemed to ask me.I looked straight into those questioning eyes and thought to myself, “Do I shift my gaze”?. I decided to continue staring. It was something about the eyes, almost poetic.

What do you want?”, a slight hesitation. There was no exchange of words, just those confronting eyes. I wanted to to say something, explain myself. I was afraid if I move or even look away, I would lose the magical connection and the eyes would be gone forever.

I decided to take a step closer and then the unthinkable happened, I heard something in the back. The curiosity got the better of me and I looked away.When I realised what I had done, it was too late. A short prayer escaped my lips. I knew, the moment had passed. The disappointment would have been too much for me to bear. I didn’t find the courage to look back again and find out if the eyes which spoke out to me so clearly were still there or no. I walked the other way and left quietly.

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