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Life and Insights

I was surprised to get an e-mail from my brother, Karan, last night. He has a few opinions on humanity in general, which I felt I should share since he is too lazy or busy to start a blog of his own. I admire his opinions and I want people to read what he writes. He is just 24, but honestly his insights can be matched up to more experienced scholars. Hope you like what he has written, please do leave your comments.


Humanity is dying and we are letting it die. Viruses have taken over. The differences between us and animals are fading. Rather than being antigens we are incubating the virus. The virus pits you against I and us against each other – divide and rule in a never-ending competition. Hypnotized into submission, our ability to think is stolen, rendering us impotent…

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When I found out I was going to be a Mom!

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Life and Insights

Three years into our marriage, My husband and I decided to take the plunge into parenthood.We had our usual doubts and apprehensions, money, job security and so on.But in the end all other things seemed trivial, just the thought of holding our own baby in our hands was more than enough to convince us.It gave us the strength to believe that out baby will bring his/her own fortune along and perhaps will bring us good luck as well.

And it happened, going back home from work, on the bus I felt nauseous, weak ready to pass out.I was a bit scared at these sudden rush of symptoms but I knew what it could be. I ran straight to the doctor’s office, got my blood work done and waited.The results would take 4-5 days!I could not wait any longer, went to the pharmacy, picked up a home pregnancy kit and there…

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Lost Nations

If you have not seen this one yet, please do. This video is a testimonial to thousands of families who lost their loved ones, their childhood, their friends, their homes and probably their souls during the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947


What are you looking at?”, the shiny grey eyes seemed to ask me.I looked straight into those questioning eyes and thought to myself, “Do I shift my gaze”?. I decided to continue staring. It was something about the eyes, almost poetic.

What do you want?”, a slight hesitation. There was no exchange of words, just those confronting eyes. I wanted to to say something, explain myself. I was afraid if I move or even look away, I would lose the magical connection and the eyes would be gone forever.

I decided to take a step closer and then the unthinkable happened, I heard something in the back. The curiosity got the better of me and I looked away.When I realised what I had done, it was too late. A short prayer escaped my lips. I knew, the moment had passed. The disappointment would have been too much for me to bear. I didn’t find the courage to look back again and find out if the eyes which spoke out to me so clearly were still there or no. I walked the other way and left quietly.

Daily Prompt:When our friends talk about you all that it does is just tear me down

Bruno Mars when I was your man

Bruno Mars Song: When I was your man

“When our friends talk about you all that it does is just tear me down”

I heard a ping in the morning (My e-mail alert tone on phone) which woke me up. The e-mail from Daily Prompt clearly said to make the third line of the last song you last heard as your post titile and write about it for 15 mins. The last song I heard was on the radio while driving back my home.One of my favorite artist Bruno Mars was singing his heart away in the song “When I Was Your Man“. I am glad I have to write about a song which I love. Yes, I love Bruno Mars and I love this song.

If you have not heard the song, I recommend you do. You may like it or you may not, but here’s the thing, each one of us(well most of us) have gone through this phase at some point or the other in our lives.You know when you have not tried enough in a relationship and you look back and wonder if you could go back and just do those things which would have made all the difference. The harsh reality hits you suddenly that you can’t.Now, the third line of the song is a perfect example of those numerous occasions when you have had to sit in a group and listen to your friends talk about you ex and it makes you giddy and you want to shout and ask them to just stop.

I feel if a relationship didn’t work, it was never meant to be and you are meant to be with someone else.Now that you know are a better person and have learnt your valuable lessons you will keep your man/woman happy.So hope and pray that you ex is as happy as you are in your present relationship and enjoy the song.

As I am writing this,  I near my 15 min limit. I had so much stuff in my head but I wasted time thinking about it rather than writing.

Time Up.

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Janmashtmi it is!

Janmashtmi it is!


Being a Sikh and married into a Hindu Family, I have had the opportunity to experience God in different forms. The forms may differ but the spirit remains the same.

Lord Krishna is one of the most loved Gods in our family and very close to all our hearts.

I even gifted my husband a painting of Lord krishna or “Krishan Ji”, which I painted myself, long time back.So, I have my own reasons to love Krishan Ji.
I would like to believe he created a spiritual bond between us.

So, here’s wishing everyone a Happy Janmashtmi.

Magazines and Inspiration

I can’t remember when I last read a magazine or bought one. Actually I do.It was yesterday and I was completely mesmerised by the content. Pesonally I love magazines, there is so much to explore.I love the layout, designs, pictures, graphics, content etc. I mean it is visually captivating just like blogs.

I have not travelled much, would like to, but I am shit scared of flying. Yet it does not stop me from making this list (in my head) of places or stuff I would like to see.

So I found a NOV/DEC 2012 issue of Intelligent life lying around my house. I think my husband purchased it at the Heathrow airport.I am not sure. Intelligent life is a magazine by The Economist and it is a pretty cool magazine.

I came across this wonderful article by Steve Double on a festival called BURNING MAN which is held in Nevada. So basically people create some fantastic art work in a week,which they burn afterwards once they leave.Interesting. Hence, Burning Man is on my list of adventures for sure because it is awesome 🙂

So go ahead check it out at

Intelligent Life (nov/dec 2012 issue)
The award winning magazine from The Economist.


“The Transformoney Tree” by Dadara from Amsterdam at Burning Man, Nevada
Photo Credit: Steve Double

Happy Rakshabandhan to everyone.

Happy Rakshabandhan to everyone.

India has some incredible festivals. Long list of festivals. We are pretty much feasting and celebrating every week.

So today and tomorrow ( why on earth would you want to complex a simple festival like Rakhi? ) we are celebrating Rakhi or Rakhri or Rakshabandhan.

Mostly it means that sisters tie a beautiful thread on their brothers’ wrist symbolizing that the brother will always protect his sister.

in the modern spin off of Rakhi, sisters get rewarded by gifts in cash or kind :).

My brother doesn’t believe in this festival. He has his own reasons. And I am ok with it.

I feel Rakshabandhan should not be confined to the realtionship of a brother and a sister.

Like our honourable Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh said, we as a society should vouch for the safety of our women and men in India and elsewhere.

So, Happy Rakshabandhan to one and all. I pray that you be safe and have a prosperous year.

Candy Crush?

Oh My God! Seriously what is with everyone playing candy crush saga? I mean I get numerous invitations everyday. I also know these are automatically generated requests and no one actually wants me to play or maybe they do. But I don’t want to. Really, No.

The amzing thing with these games is that they are addictive, to the point we lose interest in everything around us. We forget that we are at work, at a party, with friends, talking to someone or watching tv. Yes we don’t care and are at times simply put, rude.

While it is great news for the developers, not so much for people around us who find it irritating when the person you are talking to would rather be crushing candy! And you are thinking of crushing his/her head.Now I am no saint, I have had my share of farmville,poker,angry birs and temple run. But I have realised the importance of being in control and not let technology rule my life. And yes the initial cravings to be constantly on Facebook have been put to rest to some extent and I am working on them. After all I am only human.A human who is addicted to social media. So if you are reading this, stop and go do something different for a change. How about calling a friend like you promised them you would and never did because you were busy crushing candy, knocking down birds or running an endless run.

Indian National Anthem

The Indian National Anthem has always inspired me. There is something which moves us.
I love my country for what it is. Happy Independence Day.

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